I was only 19 and I thought I was dying.  My hair was falling out in clumps.  Every shower was a nightmare.  I started leaving the lights off so I could pretend my hair wasn’t dripping from my body, sticking to my wet skin and disappearing down the drain.

I began to expand in size, my face became puffy, unrecognizable.  Acne set in around my jawline and became a permanent fixture of my face.  I would wake up in the mornings and instinctively touch the bumps, hoping that the night had brought with it a miracle.  There was never a miracle, until I tried a juice fast…

It was an act of desperation and it wasn’t fun, but it brought dramatic results.  Just three days of pressing fresh juices and consuming nothing else changed everything for me.  My hair stopped shedding, my skin cleared completely and my body easily shed 10 of the 40 pounds I had recently gained.  Of course it was all temporary and after a month of resuming my terrible old eating habits the symptoms returned in full force.  But my mind had been permanently changed.  I had observed first hand how healthy choices can dramatically negate the effects of bad ones.  Holistic nutrition was no longer some abstract concept for woo woo people and hippies.  It was real, I had lived it and there was no turning back.

And so began my foray into nutrition.  Through immense trial and error I learned what foods amped up my symptoms and which foods quelled them.  I learned how to cook using whole foods, and I got really good at it.  I watched my symptoms fade away, and eventually went to school for holistic nutrition so that I could be an authority capable of helping others with unexplained health issues.  I now specialize in PCOS, and spend my days developing healthy recipes, sewing products for my etsy shops and raising two crazy boys.  This is a place where I have combined my passion for healthy living and creativity into one simple space, like home economics class but not boring.


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